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Vehicle diagnostics

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erWin helps you with the diagnosis of vehicles using the necessary software and data. You will receive detailed instructions on how a vehicle must be repaired.

erWin also offers you additional flat rates with varying ranges of functions. You have the option to choose these in a product comparison according to your needs.

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password security

The password security rules have been adopted. These rules apply to all applications, for example Offboard Diagnostic Information System. New passwords should apply at least to the following rules:
  • at least 10 characters
  • at least three of four of the following character classes: capital letters, small letters, numbers, special characters {!@#$%&/=?_.,:;\-}
  • maximum two similar characters sequently

To change the password every 90 days, you have to log in via the following link:
To be able to login, you have to select "Login with Global-UserID".