erWin Info Tour

You know the situation: more and more new models are coming onto the market, and they are getting more and more complex. New technologies. New electronics. New materials. New work methods. New lubricants. Even new petrol. Who can keep tabs on everything?
The answer is simple:

erWin – the up-to-date Eelectronic Repair and Workshop Information service from Volkswagen.

erWin contains

  • all Workshop Manuals by FAW-VW.
  • Vehicle-specific information such as vehicle data, repair manual, and circuit diagrams.
  • Continuous data updates
  • The Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service - diagnostic software
    • with the benefit of being capable of performing offboard diagnostics for all Volkswagen brand vehicles via an SAEJ2534-compliant interface (diagnostic interface).
  • Other repair technology disclosure information in Chinese regulations.

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Vehicle-specific documents

Accessed via the menu item „vehicle-specific information“.

Vehicle data

When accessing vehicle data, all basic vehicle data, colours as well as all upgrades are shown.

Repair guidelines

Workshop manuals contain all mechanical and electronic repair groups for the vehicles incl. chassis work. Precise instructions on the location and rectification of defects and additional information for specialist tools and adjustment settings.

Circuit diagrams

Circuit diagrams cover all electrical repair groups for a given model. They are used to correct all electrical errors by means of wiring diagrams, including gearboxes and radio equipment.

Proper Maintenance

These contain all the regulations on maintenance including wear rates, for inspections and maintenance. Proper maintenance defines the required scope of work and its implementation. Maintenance tables are part of the component "Proper Maintenance".

Digital Service Schedule

For vehicles that have a Digital Service Schedule, entries can be made via the erWin system. These vehicles also have a streamlined printed service schedule containing general information; this can be used to store the records generated.

  • In order to use the Digital Service Schedule, you must be registered as a user in erWin
  • The Digital Service Schedule is accessed after the vehicle has been identified in the erWin workshop system
  • For those vehicles that already have the Digital Service Schedule, the "Digital Service Schedule" link will be active in the "Systems" area of the window
  • It is free to use this digital service plan. Once you have successfully generated a service entry in the DSP, you will be granted a bonus of 1 hour for the flat rate. Please contact the support team and inform them of the relevant VIN.

Technical Servicing User Guide

Contains technical product information on the drive assembly, the running gear, the bodywork and trim, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning as well as the electrical system of the vehicle.

Bodywork maintenance

Maintenance of the bodywork is available at model level and covers information on all work on the bodywork, including the relevant notes on safety and repair procedures.